Guitars to buy

High quality classical, electro-classical & flamenco guitars

Points to note about our guitars for sale:

1. All prices shown here include VAT - other websites display prices without VAT, which means you must add 20% more to the final cost. Check this carefully!

2. Try our guitars before you buy - we specialise in providing guitars to those who wish to play the instrument before buying. Choose up to 3 guitars and then arrange an appointment to play the instruments, before buying the one you like. Email us to arrange an appointment to try a guitar

3. Delivery by post is also possible - we can arrange online payment or bank transfer and deliver the guitar to you if you prefer or if you can't visit us. Email us to enquire about online payment, delivery arrangments and shipping costs 

4. Most of the guitars available here are made in Spain - our Altamira guitars are made in Hong Kong using traditional Spanish methods and are subject to the same rigorous quality checks as the Spanish-made guitars.